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At our workshop you'll discover:

  • Value of the Rich Dad Mindset
  • How the Rich Leverage Assets and Liabilities
  • How to Build a Power Team
  • Creative Ways to Finance Properties
  • Cash Flow Techniques to Generate Extra Income
  • How Asset Protection is Crucial to Your Future
  • Ways to Transition Through the Cash Flow Quadrants


Every attendee receives exclusive online access to the Legacy Learning Series on MyElitePortal.com. Whether you're looking to pay off debt, find a new passion outside of the daily 9-to-5, or want to keep up with economic changes - we'll help you get there.

See What's Inside
  • Scams eBook - Discover some of the biggest financial scams disguised as wisdom. Robert debunks the most popular false assumptions about money. Gain a new perspective on investing in the process.
  • Offer Submission Checklist - This handy checklist that covers the critical steps and actions you should take in order to determine whether or not to make an offer on a potential investment property.
  • Elite Wealth Action Plan - Financial freedom means something different to everyone. At its core, it's about making your money work for you and building additional streams of income. This action plan can help clarify your financial goals, so you can get into action fast.
  • How to Obtain Credit - Understanding credit is crucial - both personally and professionally. Find out how credit works and ways to use that knowledge.
  • Investment Financing Mini eBook - It's time to open your mind to creative real estate financing. This guide explores current methods and ways to potentially use them in your own property investment strategy.
  • Guide to Real Estate Investing - Discover how to develop an action plan with real estate investing and gain the confidence to pursue your goals. Learn about the circle of wealth, segmenting your market, building a power team and the building blocks to Wholesale strategy.
  • Philosophy of Cash Flow Workbook - Based on the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, this interactive workbook reveals how the rich think differently about money, business and cash flow. Find out how to leverage your money, time and energy the Rich Dad way!
  • Shooting the Sacred Cows of Money - Experience this eye-opening documentary on financial education hosted by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. Discover why you must start playing by the new rules of money in order to win in today's economy.
"Mind-blowing, phenomenal, learning experience that forever changed my perspective on money investing and mentorship." - Chris P. Dana Point, CA.

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