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Tax and Asset Protection

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In today's society, you can add "lawsuits" to "death and taxes" as things that are inevitable. Simply ignoring them won't make them go away. This elite training is designed to put you in firm control of your life and finances with a focus on preparing a personal wealth plan to protect your personal and business assets as well as reduce your income and estate taxes. In addition, this training will cover corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and trusts, as well as ways to determine which entities may be right for you. We could even show you a few things that your attorney or accountant might not know.

Tax and Asset Protection Learning Objectives

  • Applying techniques used by the wealthy to protect what you own
  • Discovering ways to reduce your tax liability
  • Preparing for the retirement of your dreams
  • Examining ways to lessen your exposure to risk & lawsuits
  • Knowing ways to work with the IRS and save thousands
  • Exploring methods to shield your assets from problems
  • Mastering techniques that can ensure your family's financial future

After participating in these interactive sessions, you will have designed your personal wealth plan, understood each part, and reviewed it with your instructor. No matter what your investing goals may be, this course is essential to keeping more of what you worked so hard to earn!

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