Fund, Fix & Flip

Every property you purchase is going to need some sort of rehabbing work done to bring it up to its most profitable value. The most common mistake among investors is over improving their property. The second most common is under improving it. Your rehab strategy depends on your exit strategy. Are you going to wholesale it? Keep it as a rental? Sell it?

This elite training will also demonstrate ways to find the capital and how to find and organize the team to do the actual work - so you can remain focused on being the real estate entrepreneur you need to be.

Fund, Fix & Flip Learning Objectives

  • Understand definitions & terminology used when rehabbing
  • Know ways to make money investing in your market
  • Discover what exit strategies are the most profitable for your investment market
  • Evaluate properties to find out what needs to be done
  • Estimate your costs to determine your profit margin & maximum offer price
  • Analyze your costs to determine what exit strategy to use
  • Find the capital to acquire and rehab your project
  • Use time & money-saving tips to enhance your profit
  • Develop your Power Team
  • Qualify your potential contractors
  • Use Clauses (or addendums) in your agreements with your contractors to minimize your risk & clarify expectations
  • Manage the risks involved with your rehab project
  • Understand the pros and cons when renting your rehabbed property
  • Utilize tips for selling your rehabbed property
  • Create your personal action plan

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, Rehabbing Properties will help you know the costs, find contractors that will follow through at a reasonable cost, and put it all together so you can turn those "ugly house" into beautiful profits.