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Real Estate Success Software

Searching for properties: Adding to my properties and property analysis

Understanding the core functions of this powerful software.

  • Discover ways to conduct a basic property search and get details on the owner, property characteristics, and sales and tax information.
  • View the property and surrounding areas using one of several available maps: aerial, hybrid, street views, and value heat map.
  • View details on comparable and neighboring properties, sales reports, and community profiles.
  • Use the analysis wizard to calculate mortgage and closing costs, total rehab and improvement expenses, and monthly income and operating expenses.
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Finding Profitable Real Estate Trends

See how RESS technology helps you pinpoint future profit potential.

  • View powerful ways to spot trends and analyze their potential.
  • Compare trends in different markets and I.D. the strongest.
  • Use the Microsoft Virtual Earth trending heat map to locate, view, and compare selected areas and properties.
  • Know the bottom line impact of key metrics including estimated value, square foot, lot size, bedrooms, and more.
  • Form growth projections for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.
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Tools: Contacts and Contracts

See how RESS tools can make managing your real estate business easier and more efficient.

  • Keep vital contact information in one location complete with search functionality.
  • View a comprehensive assortment of ready-made contracts and forms.
  • Use the Autofill function to save time and energy when preparing contracts and agreements.
  • Assemble and print out your Financial Statement with the touch of button.
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Calculators and Glossary

Explore multiple tools that can help you build and manage your growing real estate portfolio.

  • Use the Mortgage Calculator to find out how much you will pay for your mortgage.
  • Determine if a prospective renter is a potential buyer using the Home Affordability Calculator.
  • Calculate total interest as well as interest saved with the Mortgage Accelerator based on standard, bi-weekly, and/or double principal mortgages.
  • Search for and master hundreds of real estate terms with the RESS Glossary.
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