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Mobile Homes & RV Parks

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Mobile Homes & RV Parks can provide cash flow and development opportunities where you might least expect them. Manufactured homes are present in most any market and are among the easiest types of properties for which one can obtain creative financing.

Truly, mobile homes represent some of the most unique opportunities within the discipline of real estate investing. Much more than "just trailers," they can produce both significant cash flow and property ownership when you follow the solid acquisition models you'll acquire in this elite training.

Mobile Homes & RV Parks Learning Objectives

  • Dispel common myths & stereotypes that accompany mobile homes
  • Discover 7 essential benefits that can come from mobile home investing
  • Identify mobile home opportunities available within any real estate market
  • Apply basic real estate investment strategies to a mobile home investment platform
  • Recognize the power of negotiating owner financing arrangements
  • Recognize mobile home seller motivation and steps to negotiate acquiring properties
  • Understand common profit/revenue centers for mobile home investments & ways to set up agreements with occupants to achieve them
  • Discuss ways to outsource the common elements of managing properties
  • Practice the completion of leases and/or owner financing agreements
  • Build the basic elements of a mobile home-based business plan
  • Determine the key power team members essential to success in mobile home investing
  • Recognize ways to pursue private lending sources, apply self-directed IRAs, & secure other alternative funding sources to investing in mobile homes
  • Analyze land development scenarios & determine their suitability for mobile homes or RV parks
  • Create a personal action plan for your mobile home business

An exciting, but often hidden benefit of mobile home investing is its close link to land development. Both mobile homes and RV parks represent excellent choices for higher and better use of land with far less expense than traditional development activities. This secondary benefit makes this training a fantastic approach to an area of real estate investing you should consider.

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