Marketing Today

With the advent of technology, delivering your branding & marketing message to the masses has never been easier, but the ability to make sure your marketing message is relevant and reaches your target audience has become an art form. This elite training unlocks the essential keys to "Mastering Marketing" in today's world to turn your business into a "Marketing Magnet" capturing business. The class will teach the importance of target marketing, buying triggers, where to market and ways to market with leverage through technology. Leverage your marketing expertise into income with any business.

Mastering Marketing Today Learning Objectives:

  • Marketing 101
  • The 4 keys to your best marketing message
  • Defining your marketing delivery engines
  • Where to get your best marketing "bang for the buck"
  • Social media marketing (FaceBook, YouTube & more)
  • Branding your business
  • Turning your web site into a marketing magnet
  • Step by step technology training to marketing automation
  • Building your automated marketing engine
  • Building your $3 an hour sales force
  • Lead generation & lead capture training
  • Designing multiple marketing campaigns (class participation)
  • Building your marketing plan & process
  • REI Blackbook mastery (class application for your business)

Become the sought after marketing leader in any market that brings in qualified leads through target marketing that converts leads to clients. Build a brand that lasts and deliver marketing that is relevant and memorable. Keeping people's attention in today's marketing world can be tough, but mastering this elite training class will unlock the secrets to command it.