Lease Options

Lease options allow you to buy properties without using any of your personal cash and credit. This elite training can give you the ability to enjoy all the upside benefits of owning property without many of the downside risks and hassles.

Lease Option Learning Objectives

  • Creating wealth using the seven forms of options
  • Buying properties by locating and interacting with flexible property owners
  • Using effective marketing messages to attract tenant buyers
  • Recognizing the 5-D profit centers of a sandwich lease option
  • Quickly setting up streams of income
  • Assembling the proper paperwork of a profitable lease option deal
  • Exploring the specific due diligence necessary to finalizing a lease option agreement with a seller
  • Maximizing your profits when you sell by setting up a network of hungry buyers
  • Calculating & realizing profits in the ever changing conditions of any local market
  • Exploring the use of the simultaneous closing process to exit a sandwich lease option
  • Evaluate your progress as a creative investor through practical role playing exercises
  • Discovering the secrets of making money on properties you control, but do not own

In this training, you'll discover solid strategies and a step-by-step system on ways to buy and control property with little to no money down using the lease option method. We'll also show you how you can cash in your lease option properties to unlock profits for yourself as soon as you step out the door.