Foreclosure Strategies

Foreclosure investing allows you to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a win-win for everyone involved. Pre-Foreclosures, Auction, and Bank Owned (REO) properties provide a never-ending source of investment possibilities. All types of exit strategies including Wholesaling, Retailing, Buy/Fix/Hold, and Lease Option can be applied to foreclosure properties that you pursue.

In this essential elite training you will discover ways to find foreclosure and pre-foreclosure property as well as how to negotiate in all types of foreclosure related situations. You will be shown how to maximize your profit potential while helping people out of what is often a crisis situation.

Foreclosure Strategies Learning Objectives

  • Know the four parts of foreclosure investing: Find, Evaluate, Fund & Exit (FEFE)
  • Explore state-by-state differences in foreclosure procedures
  • Discover multiple approaches for finding pre-foreclosures
  • Understand ways to complete a title search
  • Calculate what a foreclosure property is worth through comparative market analysis & inspection
  • Master negotiating techniques when dealing with both homeowners & lenders
  • Examine the different foreclosure financing options
  • Understand ways to deal with banks regarding short sales
  • Compare & evaluate multiple exit strategies for foreclosure properties including Wholesale Buying, Lease Options, Retailing, & Buy/Fix/Hold
  • Discuss ways to market foreclosures
  • Discover ways to equity share a foreclosure property
  • Discover ways to buy at a foreclosure auction
  • Discuss the steps for locating, negotiating, & buying bank owned properties REOs
  • Create your personal 90-day action

Role playing and hypothetical scenarios are among many interactive and fun techniques applied in this training to ensure optimal understanding and the ability to apply these tools and strategies in the real world.