Discount Notes & Mortgages

Discount Notes & Mortgages is a dynamic elite training that can awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in you. Simply put, this is not your typical notes course, and will greatly expand the horizons of those students seeking to supplement their current real estate investment career with opportunities for direct investment in high yield discount mortgage obligations.

During this training, you will be introduced to the powerful concept of investing in "paper" rather than traditional bricks and mortar through the world of private "owner carry-back" mortgages. You will discover ways to structure and discount mortgage notes for maximum yield as well as ways to locate desirable notes for purchase and personal investment. In addition to brokering traditional residential mortgage notes, you will be introduced to brokering owner-financed business notes, structured settlements, annuities, inheritance advances and many other cash flow opportunities.

Discount Notes & Mortgages Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of Mortgage Notes also know as investing in paper rather than "bricks & mortar"
  • Discover ways to structure & discount paper to significantly enhance investment yield
  • Explore various strategies including partials, income streams, & future balloons
  • Discover ways to use the financial calculator, the industry's most important tool
  • Develop a working knowledge of note characteristics that make them desirable for purchase
  • Identify ways to locate notes for purchase & buyers for brokering
  • Discuss the relationship of price, interest rates & the Fed
  • Discover ways to analyze the market for risk
  • Become acquainted with the prestigious field of factoring & alternative commercial finance
  • Determine ways to set up a home-based Discount Notes & Mortgages brokering business
  • Develop the marketing, networking & prospecting skills necessary for success
  • Create a personal action plan to access capital or launch your Notes & Cash Flow consulting business

Finally, Discount Notes & Mortgages will introduce you to the lucrative world of factoring and commercial finance brokering. Come discover the potential profits that await you in the Cash Flow Industry, a unique segment of the financial markets which requires little investment and can often be operated from the comfort of a home-based office.