Creative Real Estate Financing

Today especially, you need a variety of sources for financing your real estate deals. Our Creative Real Estate Financing Training will show you twenty different ways to structure financing as well as which way to use in what situations and why. Along the way, you will discover ways to use banks, property owners, hard money lenders, & other investors to finance your deals. During this elite training, you’ll discover ways to calculate return on investment (ROI) & return on equity (ROE) so you can determine how much your deal is producing from cash flow, appreciation, depreciation, interest writeoff, and principle reduction. This will help choose from a variety of strategies including buying, fixing & selling, renting, lease option, or assigning the contract to give you and your investors the best return.

Creative Financing Learning Objectives

  • Discover the many ways to make money from real estate & other investments
  • Determine ways to calculate ROI
  • Examine existing business sectors & how they affect growth
  • Understand economic indicators & agencies: Where they can be found & how they affect demand
  • Master the vital part of a real estate transaction
  • Prepare a resume & financial statement
  • Explain the elements of getting a loan
  • Know the formulas banks use to determine risk
  • Discover when & where to find investors
  • Explore different lending sources & how they work
  • Identify 20 different ways to structure financing
  • Discuss the where, how, & why of securing short-term capital
  • Discover where to find hard money lenders
  • Understand hard money lending facts & guidelines

This informative training will enable you to determine what the leading economic indicators in your market are and how they impact real estate appreciation (or create an increase in income on rental properties).