Business Financing & Factoring

One of the steepest hurdles for any entrepreneur to overcome is finding adequate capital for the growth of a new business. While acquiring such financing can be difficult even in the best of times, it is particularly problematic in today's credit-impaired economy. Business Financing and Factoring is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge to overcome such financing limitations, arming them with powerful options when their banks either "don't know" or simply say, "No!"

Business Financing and Factoring will introduce you to the world of alternative commercial finance (ACF). It is a cutting-edge course packed with the specialized financial knowledge required by each and every entrepreneur seeking to launch a business and become his or her own boss.

Business Financing & Factoring Learning Objectives

  • Recognizing the problems associated with early stage business finance
  • Identifying the types of financing alternatives available to any entrepreneur
  • Exploring the various government sponsored assistance programs available through the SBA & Export-Import Bank
  • Discovering which types of alternative commercial finance provide the best solutions for specific problem areas
  • Developing a working knowledge of the particularly powerful areas of factoring & asset-based financing
  • Discovering ways to access and build a database of ACF lenders
  • Analyzing the costs associated with various forms of alternative financing
  • Exploring the world of the Independent Commercial Finance Consultant (CFC)
  • Discovering ways to set up a home-based brokering business
  • Developing the marketing & prospecting skills necessary to succeed as a commercial finance consultant
  • Understanding ways to network & develop relationships with sources of referral business
  • Creating & building an Action Plan to access capital or launch

Finally, Business Finance and Factoring introduces students to the prestigious world of the ACF broker and the opportunities present as an industry commercial finance consultant (CFC). Such industry consultants can earn exceptionally attractive fees and residual commissions while assisting other entrepreneurs in locating working capital and trade financing.