Banking Relationships & Short Sale Systems

One of the greatest challenges we face as investors is finding bank financing for our deals. Developing and maintaining banking relationships is essential to the financial state, growth and expansion of your business. This class will teach you ways to find a business banking relationship that is based on your business of real estate investing and not you. Discover the fundamentals behind finding real estate investment properties, ways to capture and secure funding, and how to systemize finishing your deals - all with a strong banking relationship.

Discover the secret of financing through banking relationships that are not limited to you or your credit, your reserves or your income by using business verses residential banking strategies. Streamline your business through accurately identifying real estate investment opportunities with banking relationships. You will revolutionize your banking relationship as you discover to create one that depends on the deal more than you. You will demonstrate appraising the lender and bank before they evaluate you. You will integrate interviewing techniques that allow you to evaluate the lender as a member of your power team. Through creating the right relationship with the right bank, you will determine ways to find funding for all your real estate deals.

You will discover ways to break the chains and no longer be limited by the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac four deal and personal reserves limits. In addition, discover ways to work with asset managers and loss mitigators to find, fund and finish deals. This will allow you to create a competitive edge to receive leads that other investors are missing. This class will demonstrate to you how to leverage your creative financing and utilize bank financing in addition, stretching your ability to close more deals. The issue is not so much your credit, income or available reserves and money; the issue is knowing how to find the right banking relationships that can fund your deals. This class teaches you how to find, fund and finish deals with the right banking relationship.

Banking Relationships & Short Sale Systems Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the THREE F's of banking relationships: finding, funding and finishing deals.
  • Determine ways to find and use commercial banking relationships to expand your business funding both residential and commercial deals.
  • Provide information to find, interview and evaluate commercial lenders so you are able to work with a strong banking relationship.
  • Explore how banking is a business and which one can partner with you in your real estate investing.
  • Discover ways to systemize your business to increase your portfolio through banking relationships.
  • Explore finding, funding and finishing deals utilizing banking relationships for pre and post foreclosures.
  • Discover ways to not be limited by your credit, your reserves or your experience.
  • Explore ways to evaluate a bank's financial stability and their ability fund and/or continue to fund your deals.
  • Practice interviewing and evaluating banking relationships, discovering ways to confidently speak with bank vice presidents and commercial banking officers.
  • Discover ways to systemize your business to find, fund and finish your deals.

Banking Relationships & Short Sale Systems Training Outline:

  • Working with Banking Relationships Commercial vs. Residential Lending
  • RESPA Guidelines (GFE, TIL & Disclosures)
  • Application Process and Leverage with Credit
  • Appraisals
  • Settlement Statements
  • Pre Foreclosure vs. Foreclosure
  • Stages of Foreclosure
  • Factors in Foreclosure
  • Promissory Note vs. Trust Deed or Mortgage
  • Judicial, Non-Judicial, Trust Deed, & Mortgages
  • Finding Preforeclosures
  • HUD Properties and REOs
  • Marketing
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Rates
  • Holding Companies
  • Regulators
  • Banking as a Business
  • How Foreclosures Affect Banks
  • Getting the Bank Interview
  • The Interview
  • Banking Relationships
  • Helping Commercial Lenders Approve Your Loan
  • Market Demographics & Statists
  • Working with Homeowners
  • Analyzing Property
  • Meeting with Homeowner
  • Paper Work with Homeowner
  • Documenting the Three P’s
  • Systemizing Your Business
  • Putting Everything Together
  • Submitting and Mitigating Your Package
  • Securing Your Profit
  • Short Sales Samples
  • Action Plan