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Mentor Panel

R.E. Mentor Panel

Tuesday, May 12th
10:00PM ET

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F.I. Mentor Panel

Wednesday, May 6th
10:00PM ET

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These panels are typically offered at least once per month and are recorded each time. You will receive the access link within one week of the event. We try different times and days throughout the week to give everyone a chance to participate live. The purpose of these calls is to familiarize yourself with our Mentors and the Mentor Program in order to get the most out of your mentoring experience!

Do you have questions for our Mentors? Maybe you are wondering...

  • When should I obtain my Mentor?
  • What can I expect from my Mentor?
  • How does the Mentor MatchUp Process work?
  • How do I schedule my Mentor?
  • When does my Mentorship Expire?

We will have several Mentors available to answer all of your mentoring questions and more!

There will also be time for an open Question and Answer session, so you can pick the brains of our elite Mentor team!

This is a unique experience as you will be privileged to engage with several of our expert Mentors all at once to make your decision making process easier.

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