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Live Courses

Rich Dad Education's Live Elite Courses are offered on a rotating basis in various markets all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom year round. Most of these classroom-style trainings are offered over a concentrated three-day period, led by a live instructor, and backed by some of Rich Dad Education's top training teams.

Live Elite Training from Rich Dad Education gives you the following advantages:

  • Face-to-Face Interaction with Your Instructors
  • Total Immersion in the Course Material to Accelerate Your Learning Curve
  • Focus on the Tools & Strategies of the Training Free of Outside Distractions
  • An Unmatched Opportunity to Network with Fellow Investors in Your Area

Many of our Live Elite Courses in the USA are offered in our popular Symposium format. A Rich Dad Education Elite Symposium brings together a number of different Elite Trainings - all going on at the same time in one location.

Live Elite Courses also bring together students, trainers, and mentors to create an incomparable networking environment you won't find anywhere else!

At Rich Dad Education Elite Symposiums, not only will you be getting elite training, you can also:

  • Make Valuable Contacts through Multiple Networking Events
  • Get Personal Insight into YOUR Investing Challenges from Rich Dad Education Trainers & Mentors
  • Gain More Wealth-Building Skills through Special Events
  • Explore Additional Investing and Training Opportunities
  • Benefit from Access to our Instructors, Mentors & Rich Dad Education Staff

As Rich Dad Poor Dad author and company founder, Robert Kiyosaki always says...

"The truly successful don't do a lot of things pretty well. The truly successful discover ways to do one thing extremely well."

These live, instructor-led Elite Trainings are designed to help you reach that level of success.

Rich Dad Education offers a comprehensive curriculum of Elite Training in the fields of:

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