Options II

In the Options II course you will be introduced to the strategies used by trading pros to minimize risk while increasing potential reward.

This training reveals wealth tactics that can be used in any market condition.

Following are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Master bi-directional trading and profit if a stock goes up or down
  • Measure and control the effects of time decay, volatility and underlying price movements
  • Understanding the mechanics of order entry, position sizing and exit strategy
  • Ways to rotate strategies and stock as market conditions shift
  • Ways to capitalize on news events
  • Putting together different stocks and strategies to start building a system
  • Trading and managing calendar spreads, vertical spreads, straddles/strangles and much more

Take this course and discover ways to maximize your time and capital. Our experienced trainers will show you strategies that can help you fulfil your goals of becoming a smarter self-directed investor.

Module topics include:

  • Review of Options Basics
  • Vertical Spreads
  • Volatility Based Trading
  • Diagonal Call
  • Horizontal Call
  • Diagonal Put
  • Horizontal Put
  • Bullish Risk Reversal
  • Bearish Risk Reversal
  • Randomness in Trading
  • Principles of Successful Portfolio Management