Options I

In the Options I course you will be introduced to 11 different strategies trading pros use to build wealth regardless of market direction. Discover techniques that provide cheaper and lower risk alternatives to buying stock.

Options can present a world of opportunity to sophisticated investors. The reason is because they enable educated investors the opportunity to adjust their position according to the situations that arise in the market.

Following are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Take advantage of selling time
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of order entry/exit, the mechanics of trading options
  • Create profit potential no matter what the market does - even if it goes nowhere
  • Ways to determine probability of success prior to trade entry
  • Master ways to trade spreads to create higher profits and minimize risk
  • Create consistent cash flow and profits
  • Increase the profit potential in your retirement accounts
  • Leverage your capital while limiting liability
  • Enter/exit trades, calculate proper position size, and select the right strategy
  • Utilize volatility to make higher probability trades

Take this course and discover ways to take back control using the techniques covered in the course. Our experienced trainers will show you strategies that can help you fulfil your goals of becoming a smarter, self-directed investor.

Module topics include:

  • Introduction to Options Basics
  • Greeks and Building Blocks
  • Long Calls
  • Long Puts
  • Short Calls
  • Short Puts
  • Covered Calls and Portfolio Protection
  • Spread Trading and Verticals
  • Condors, Risk Management and Volatility