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Master Trader

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Opportunity abounds in the world's fast paced and exciting financial markets. The Master Trader course lays the foundation on which a successful trading and investing business can be built. Your understanding of how the markets really work will grow through a close examination of the underlying psychology and mechanics that fuel price action.

This training reveals strategies to help control risk and maximize returns in individual trades and portfolios.

Following are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Basic market principles
  • The skills essential to trade the 4 core tradable instruments
  • Ways to control risk with stop losses and position sizing
  • The essential building blocks of technical analysis and price action
  • Understanding the 1-2-3 pattern of trend analysis
  • Ways to develop a trading plan for your portfolio
  • Creating a 30 day action plan

This course will help you discover ways to apply technical trading strategies on multiple tradable instruments including equities, options, commodities (futures), ETF's and currencies.

Course objectives include the following:

  • Develop the skills to trade the 4 core tradable instruments
  • Master basic market principles
  • Discover where to buy and/or sell tradable instruments
  • Discover ways to control risk with stop losses & Position Sizing
  • Discover ways to manage trades
  • Discover ways to apply the Top/Down analysis to the financial markets
  • Understand essential building blocks of technical analysis & price action
  • Master the 1-2-3 pattern of trend analysis
  • Discover ways to develop a Trading Plan for your portfolio
  • Develop a 30 day action plan

Take this course and discover ways to potentially generate long term growth as well as short term cash flow with a variety of trading strategies.

Module Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the Financial Markets
  • What Drives the Financial Markets
  • Portfolio Design
  • Types of Trades
  • Portfolio Structure
  • Order Types
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Understanding and Reading Charts
  • Trends and Technical Patterns
  • Developing an Investor's Mindset
  • Bullish Swing and Position Trading
  • Bearish Swing and Position Trading
  • Introduction to Day Trading
  • Developing a Trading Plan

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