Over the past decade, the foreign exchange market (also known as FX) has grown exponentially. Its global appeal and around-the-clock access has made it the natural choice for many investors. The advantage it offers compared to the more traditional equities and futures markets creates an allure for hedgers and speculators alike.

The introductory Forex class will cover the market basics that every trader should know and introduce investors to several actionable strategies they can incorporate into their trading plan.

Following are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The history of the Foreign Exchange Market
  • Understanding the Forex Marketplace
  • Fundamental analysis in Forex trading
  • Understanding price action, leverage and fundamentals
  • Ways to potentially capitalize on news event
  • Constructing a market view and multiple time frames analysis
  • Money management and position sizing
  • Strategies for finding trade setups, trigger and targets

During this class, Forex Assisted Trading Tools (FATTools) will be used extensively. FATTools consist of multiple expert advisors, indicators and scripts that were developed to work in unison to provide greater freedom for the user.

You will discover multiple techniques for finding trade setups, triggers and targets. These strategies will enable you to put together FOREX trades in any market condition.

This course is designed to take the novice trader through to the beginner and intermediate levels. Our experienced trainers will help you discover ways to take advantage of the leverage and liquidity of Forex trading.

Module Topics Includes:

  • The Fundamentals of the Foreign Exchange Market
  • The History of FX
  • Understanding Floating Rates
  • The Forex Marketplace
  • Market Size and Liquidity
  • Market Participants
  • FX Quotes
  • Exchange Rates, Lot Sizes and Pip Values
  • Margin and Leverage
  • FX Trade Costs
  • Money Management and Position Sizing
  • FX Trading Platform
  • Generating Orders with MT4
  • Fundamental Analysis in FX Trading
  • Charting Analysis
  • Constructing a Market View, Multiple Time Frames Analysis
  • Introduction to FATTools and the Bank Opening Trades
  • News Events and Pattern Breakout Strategies
  • Trend Following Strategies