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The foreign exchange market (FX or FOREX), where one currency is traded for another, is the largest, most liquid market in the world. This exciting Focus FOREX training is your opportunity to gain knowledge of this rapidly expanding market.

This course will dispel the mystery of trading FOREX as you study price action as well as the concepts of leverage, fundamentals, technical analysis, news & no-news trading, and other stimulating FOREX trading techniques.

You don't need any previous experience with foreign currency trading. The Focus FOREX course is designed to provide you with a foundation of discipline & strategy. You will discover ways to identify FOREX trades, implement triggers, manage price action, & set profit targets.

In addition, you will also cover:

  • FOREX Market Overview
  • How You Participate
  • Using Patterns & Technical Set-ups to Predict the Direction of Currency under Any Type of Market Condition
  • Adjusting Technical Indicators to Correlate with Your Trading Style, Objectives, & Market Conditions
  • FOREX Trade Set-ups
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Planning & Managing Your FOREX Trades Effectively

This elite course will also introduce you to MetaTrader, a professional level FOREX trading & analysis program currently in use in over 100 brokerage companies and banks worldwide. While student use of MetaTrader is not a requirement for the class, the program is used to demonstrate trading systems, development, and testing.

You will discover multiple techniques for finding trade setups, triggers, and targets. These strategies will enable you to put together FOREX trades in any market condition. If you have wondered what all the buzz is about concerning FOREX and ways to take advantage of the leverage & liquidity of FOREX trading, this course is for you.

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