Elite Options

Rich Dad Education's Elite Options Training will create a deeper understanding of strategy and theory than you ever thought possible. To boost your probability of success on each trade, you will explore the critical methods for using both historical and implied volatility in your options trading. Similar to choosing the right tool in construction, you will discover ways to select the appropriate strategy depending on time decay, volatility, interest rates, and stock price movement. You will gain a deeper understanding of the Greeks allowing you to manage your open trades like the pros. You will also explore delta neutral trading with strategies such as double diagonal spreads, horizontal spreads, and ratio put/call calendars as well as inverted butterfly spreads and iron condors.

In Elite Options you will discover ways to manipulate open trades to dynamically control variables about which you might feel uncertain. This elite training will also demonstrate ways to repair, lock profits, and adjust open trades using the numbers instead of reading the tea leaves. Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the options markets or just a beginner, Elite Options will place you at a higher level of understanding as you enter into the exciting world of options trading.

Elite Options Learning Objectives

  • Understand option theory and the three major variables with respect to strategy selection
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how the Black-Scholes model works and ways to use it to determine when to sell to open vs. buy to open
  • Gain further insight into the effects of implied volatility, including volatility skew through different strikes and months
  • Discover several strategies that apply the option theory
  • Recognize when to enter and exit those strategies
  • Understand how the strategies should perform through shifts in time, volatility, and price movement
  • Amplify those strategies with some four-to-six leg option spreads
  • Further understand the relationships between time, volatility, and price movement
  • Introduce the effect of interest rates on options
  • Apply hedging and adjustment techniques on vertical and diagonal spreads