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How many elite training courses should I take before scheduling my Rich Dad Education Elite Mentor?
We recommend taking at least 2 elite training courses before working with your Mentor. We feel this helps you maximize the Mentoring experience.

How long is the Rich Dad Education Mentoring?
The 3-day Mentor Program is 24 hours of work with your Mentor. The 4-day Mentor Program covers 32 hours of Mentoring.

How do I schedule my Mentor?
Call us at 800-570-2050 and we will email you a Mentor request form to get the process started.

An invaluable guide and an unbeatable resource

If you are highly motivated and want the individualized attention of a true expert, then we recommend our exclusive Rich Dad Education Mentor Program.

Our Mentor Program is YOUR opportunity to receive the same kind of one-on-one, personal guidance that our founder, Robert Kiyosaki, received from his own rich dad (the successful entrepreneur who inspired Robert's landmark bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Mentors take elite students to the next level

Mentoring from Rich Dad Education is all about pairing you with a seasoned investor who is thoroughly experienced in the financial area in which you want to excel. Mentors work with you in concentrated, one-on-one sessions designed to dramatically increase your financial skill set - showing you new ways to have your money work for you instead of you working for it!

They will share the secrets and strategies that have allowed them to amass wealth and show you concrete, practical ways to apply what you've discovered in your Elite Training. Your Rich Dad Education Mentor will also review your action plan and demonstrate ways to create a disciplined daily routine that can put you on the fast track to achieving your financial goals.

Mentoring is open to Rich Dad Education students who have taken two or more Elite Training Courses.

Robert Kiyosaki will not attend these events.

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Additional Products and Services will be Offered for Sale