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A workshop based on the bestselling book that has changed the lives of millions.

At this free event, you will discover:
  • Ways to Take Control of Your Future
  • Ways to Move from "Employee" to "Entrepreneur"
  • Ways to Get on the Road to Success

Student Success Stories

"The trainings have been great! A wealth of knowledge! Putting them into practice has built our confidence, security... THANKS RICH DAD!" *
David and Jennifer H.
Nocona, TX
"I learned so much and am so excited to know I can be wealthy in this depressed economy... Thank you for everything!... I surely will tell everyone, this is awesome!" *
Barbara H.
Lakeview, MI
"Using the knowledge from our courses, we have started taking action, making offers, as our confidence has grown with our knowledge." *
Stacey and Kevin M.
Fairview Park, OH
"I am now able to spend quality time with my wife and kids! Since completing the training I have applied several of the techniques... Keep doing what you are doing because you are changing lives. I know this because you have changed mine." *
Shawn P.
Washburn, IL
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* Customers have not been compensated for their stories. Customers have taken various elite trainings, each at a cost of approximately five thousand dollars. Discounts are offered for courses purchased as a package.
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