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Tax Liens

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August 19
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One of the most commonly overlooked areas in real estate investing is tax liens and tax deeds. When property taxes go unpaid, extremely profitable opportunities are created for the savvy real estate investor who is properly trained. If you're looking to expand your current investment portfolio, this comprehensive elite training can prepare you to invest in these "hidden gems." Tax lien opportunities exist in every state and are readily accessible to the investor who knows what they are looking for. Tax liens and tax deeds can also create valuable opportunities to invest out of state.

Tax Liens Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the fundamental terminology & concepts that relate to tax lien & deeds
  • Determine effective offers for properties available at tax lien/deed sales
  • Be able to perform effective due diligence for properties to be sold at a tax lien/deed sale
  • Attend a live or virtual tax sale and understand the flow of what is taking place
  • Identify states that offer tax deeds at sponsored tax sales
  • Prepare a list of exit strategies that follow the acquisition of a tax deed
  • Compare the advantages for tax lien/deed investing in your home state versus an outside state in which you may have investment interest
  • Identify ways to interview & acquire key power team members relevant to tax lien/deed investing
  • Differentiate needs for local and for out of state power team members
  • Select an exit strategy model for your business as part of your real estate investing business plan
  • Understand the steps necessary to pursue private lending sources in support of tax lien/deed investments
  • Recognize the fundamental role of self-directed IRAs for investing in tax liens/deeds
  • Create and follow a personal action plan for your tax lien business
Whether you want a solid income stream from tax lien interest payments or would like to acquire investment properties for a fraction of their true value, you need to attend this valuable training.
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